Concept of Nai'a Dolphin Healing Program is,  "Anyone can go to Hawai'i regardless of disabilities".
 Nai’a means dolphin in Hawaiian language.

This program includes therapeutic activities such as swimming in the ocean, dolphin encounters, aroma therapy massage, music thrapy, and so on.

Medical staff members and volunteers will be travelling together to support you, so you can have lots of experiences to the fullest safely and comfortably. For family members to enjoy their time in Hawaii as well, we have optional respite care times. There will be local staff members and volunteers, so you may as well enjoy some cultural exchanges!

We can assure you a safe trip with medical professionals that may be difficult to have on individual bases. Please join us!


Tour Members

Mina Egawa

Chief of Nai’a program , Nurse for children who have disabilities

Mina Egawa is practicing nurse in Japan. She has worked in an operation room in a university hospital for 3 years. Mina has also been a staff member for 15 years at a children’s care group which is specialized for children who have disabilities. Her passion for swimming and helping others is blended in her work. Mina has been a synchronized swimmer for 10 years, and  she became a coach. Mina’s coaching skills were also used in specialized swimming classes for children who have disabilities. Mina had been a volunteer for pioneering dolphin assisted therapy programs assisting children both with and without special needs in Japan. She is very interested in dolphins and children.

“When children swim with dolphins, they change and heal in many beautiful ways. When I swim with dolphins, I feel wonderful and happy, especially knowing I am helping so many people,“ says Mina.
Marine mammal specialist
Public Relations
Dr. Bunsei Egawa
Specialized Medical Doctor for children with disabilities

Izumi Egawa
Aroma therapist
Yukiko Takekawa
Nurse for children with disabilities
Katsuakira Hoshi
Professional videographer
Shizuka Matsuo
Nurse for children
with disabilities
Program assistant
Yumiko Yagi
Vocal instructor
Ryan Allman
Chief of student volunteers
Hiromi Takahashi
Nurse for children,Interpreter
Media & Promotion

Mona Iguchi
Assistant of Nai’a program,

Tour Plan

Please note that this is just an example of te tour.

We aim to provide safe and fun tours with our original healing programs; hence, we plan each tour based on participants' conditions and needs.

8pm Gather at Haneda airport (Tokyo)
11:30pm Haneda airport departure(Flight time 7 hours10 minutes)
11:55am Honolulu airport arrival
1:30pm-2:30pm Meeting & "Dean and JoJo DVD"
3pm Hotel check in

10am-12pm Hilton Hawaiian Villege Lagoon
2pm-6pm Respite Care (optional)
* Honolulu Zoo/ Waikiki Aquarium

8am-1pm Hanauma Bay
2pm- Free

9am-12pm Healing Programs
*Aroma Massage
*Music Therapy
1pm-5pm Kahala Hotel
*Dolphin touch
*Afternoon tea party

  ***All Day Free
noon-10pm Polynesian Culture Center (optional tour)

11am check out
3pm Moanalua garden


Honolulu airport


Honolulu airport departure
(Flight time 9 hours30 minutes)

next day10pm Haneda airport arrival (Tokyo)

Tour Detail

 Duration  Honolulu 7 days 5 nights
 Contents ・ Wheelchairs accessible
・ Dolphin Encounter
・ Hanauma Bay
・ Waikiki Aquarium or Honolulu Zoo
・ Aroma Therapy
・ Music Therapy
・ Professional Photographers
・ Respite Care
(※Contents will be changed)
 Cost  450,000yen ~ (with flights and hotels) / $1000 ~ (without flights and hotels)
※Cost will vary depending on flights, season, and contents
 Maximum participants  25 (Minimum 10)
 Airline  Japan Airlines (Haneda airport (Tokyo) ⇔Honolulu airport)
※Nai’a original dolphin healing program tour is based on JTB package tour.
We ask all of you to entry an insurance by yourself.
※The tour details will be changed.
※You are asked to hold sitting position during takeoff and landing time. If you are not able to hold sitting position such as using stretcher, please contact us.